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Credibility, Visibility & Publicity

The Book Writing Prime marketing team proficiently creates the post-publication book marketing strategies and plan before the book launch. The world should know about the launch of your eccentric book, and we are here to let them know.

Scribe book marketing
Scribe book marketing services
Scribe book marketing strategies

Marketing strategy

The Book Writing Prime team will devise the most appropriate marketing and publicity plan for your book that will turn heads upon book launch. The goal is to reach out to all the people who are interested in your book genre. A targeted promotional strategy and action plan will be prepared for your book. The targeted audience will be reached out using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

Bloggers collaboration

Your marketing plan will comprise of the strategy to take genre-specific bloggers on-board and offering them a collaboration arrangement for the publicity and promotion of your book. Bloggers have their own following and books recommended by well-known Bloggers are valued by the readers of the Blogs.

Promotional material

Book Writing Prime digital content production team will design and craft all the promotional material for the advertisement of your book. This will include Book Trailer, promotional videos, Banners and social media graphics, Book online landing page, press releases, and much more.

Satisfactory media coverage

Book Writing Prime digital branding and social media will make your book well-known over the internet. The fastest way to reach targeted audience is to connect through social networks and our team will use all the prominent social networks to amplify the influence of your book launch. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and all the other genre-specific social platforms will be used for your book marketing.

Scribe book promotion services

Building the best space for collaboration

We’re always working hard to bring new features to Book Writing Prime. Here’s what’s on the roadmap for Teams:

  • Writing Genuine Content Based on Your Idea
  • Critical Review, Editing, and Proofreading
  • Extensive Formatting, Typesetting, and Designing
  • Publishing, Branding, Marketing, and Promotions
  • Critical review and analysis
  • Book coaching
  • Copy editing
  • Line editing
  • Developmental editing

Get all the essentials to publish your own book from Book Writing Prime

Matt Jankowski
Luca Rager
Luca Rager
Luca Rager

“Thank you for capturing the heart of my story. It was like the team looked inside and read my mind. It was my fifth try working with a Book Writing Prime and I was just on the verge of giving up entirely. I’m happy that I feel confident that my readers will be able to understand the story even more. So a huge thank you!”

Steve Anderson - Book Author

Los Angeles - Science Fiction

“I am so pleased with the manuscript submitted that I could literally cry tears of joy! I only provided a snippet of what was in my mind and they turned my ideas into a whole masterpiece! I will definitely be utilizing their talents again! Thank you so much team Book Writing Prime!”

Lucas Paul - Book Author

Colorado - Fantasy

“Book Writing Prime is my obvious recommendation for all book writing and publishing services. This wonderful team achieved the goal of delivering flawless and interesting scripts for my book in a deadline that most companies declined. All my queries responded to you quickly demonstrating the organized way Book Writing Prime team works. 5 stars to the team!”

Mathew Nowell

San Francisco - Suspense

“I never wrote a book before and joseph went above and beyond for me. I would highly recommend anyone with a book to write and needing help to do it to call Christina! Special thanks to Christina ad Joseph.”

Washington - Paranormal Romance

Our process to write, edit, and publish your story.

Book Writing Prime carefully customize our ghostwriting process to meet your specific needs and publishing goals.

  • Discovery Calls

    We provide consultation about the publishing industry and discuss the optimal strategy for writing and publishing your book.

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  • Questionnaire

    Our detailed questionnaire will help you think through your book concept and provide us with important details.

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  • Research and Preparation

    The writing team will review all available drafts, articles, notes, outlines, and other relevant materials in preparation for the Strategy Sessions.

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  • Planning and Outlining

    Your writing team will meet with you in person or via videoconference to discuss your book idea, outline your manuscript, and develop your publishing and marketing strategy.

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  • Publishing Strategy

    Discuss your book with our Editor-in-Chief, Book Writing Prime, to determine the best publishing strategy to meet your goals.

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  • Developing the Draft

    Your writer will develop your manuscript one section at a time. With each draft, you’ll have the opportunity to make revisions and suggestions.

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  • Review and Revisions

    We review by 20+ impartial readers within your target demographic who will provide detailed feedback on your manuscript and how to improve it.

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  • Finalize the Draft

    Your Senior Editor will meet with the team to ensure all parties are satisfied with the draft and make final adjustments.

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  • Targeting Publishers

    The writing team will develop your pitch materials and help you with targeting agents and securing a publisher.

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  • Publishing Navigation

    We work with publishing’s leading agents, publishers, hybrid publishers, marketers, publicists, bestseller strategists, fulfillment services, and more, allowing us to put together the optimal team to achieve your goals.

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